Wellness Concierge

Enjoy all things Wellness whilst you travel with the Wellness Concierge. 

A 360degrees Wellness experience which includes Wellness Channel, complete with in-room Wellness Workouts, on the go support including suggested local walking and riding tracks along with Nutritional guide choices from our in-house Chef inspired selected Signature Smoothies. 

Begin or maintain your health regime whilst your away from your usual surroundings. 

Wellness Workouts to help you recover and ReCHARGE through stretching and mobility exercises. ReFINE which is made up of Pilates based routines. ReSHAPE for resistance style workouts and ReENERGISE for more cardio high intense focused circuits. 

All available through your Wellness Channel in the comfort of your own room.

Start your Wellness journey with us. TravelWELL. 

Founder Todd Brodie


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Todd Brodie – Bio

Todd is a former professional footballer and Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) dual scholarship holder.

A qualified Strength & Conditioning coach (ASCA Level II) , Level 3 AUS active Personal Trainer, Advanced Studio Pilates Instructor and Fighting Fit for Life Level II Boxing Coach.

Todd is also the Ambassador and Master Trainer for ELIA Wellness & former National Educator for Technogym Australia delivering education to trainers, gym owners and aspiring health professionals across the country for 5yrs.


18yrs Personal Trainer 2004-Present

14yrs Australian S&C Level II Coach 2008-Present

14yrs Hotel Trainer & Wellness Concierge 2008-Present

13yrs Advanced Pilates Instructor 2009-Present

5yrs Technogym National Master Trainer/Educator

2016-2021 ELIA Wellness Ambassador & Master Trainer 2021-Present


Cert III Fitness Instructor

Cert IV Personal Trainer (AUSActive Level III)

Level II ASCA Strength & Conditioning coach

Advanced Pilates Instructor & Boxing Instructor

TAE Qualified

First Aid & CPR


Release those tight areas and begin moving freely. Created to assist in recovery, increase your range of motion and promote free flowing movement. Also includes ‘Cool Down’ stretches for post workouts, Wellness Break Chair based stretches along with Morning and Evening stretching routines.

Intensity: Low

Strength: Low

Duration: 5-10 / mins


These Pilates based routines are low intensity, low impact and designed to tighten, tone, lengthen and strengthen specific areas such as your Core & Glutes. Choose from Pilates 1.0 or Pilates Glute and get started.

Intensity: Low

Strength: Low – moderate

Duration: 10-15 / mins


Designed to focus on improving overall muscular endurance and strength. Choose from bodyweight or freeweight Wellness Workouts that target either your total body or specific areas such as Ab/Core. Stronger for longer.

Intensity: Low – medium

Strength: moderate – high

Duration: 10-15 / mins


These Bodyweight only Wellness Workouts such as HIIT and TABATA are designed to get you fitter, stronger, and healthier. Try HIIT Start and get moving!

Intensity: HIGH

Strength: Low – moderate

Duration: 10-20 / mins


Refuel, Replenish, Recover with our Signature smoothies selection delivered right to your room. Following either one of your selected Wellness workouts or a long day, choose from one of our Signature smoothies designed in house by our very own Chef and Wellness Concierge.

I have worked closely with Todd Brodie over the past three years and watched his Wellness program come to life. What a great example of innovative physical fitness for hotel members and guests that can be done in the comfort of their room”.

Michael Johnson CEO Tourism Accommodation Australia,


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